AUTOMOBILE ENTHUSIAST is a private event, managed by the Bataille d’une jour association and the Vergers de Navarre site.

The Organizers can accept or refuse any car, exhibitor or person not corresponding to the event spirit.

All collectors attendees in this event, whose (registration will be approved) will participate in the driving sessions at their own risk. Any exhibitor with a vehicle must be able to present the receipt for his own civil liability insurance policy and his collector’s vehicle participating in the road tests.

In case of a problem, the exhibitor cannot hold the Organizers responsible for any bodily injury or otherwise, or damage caused to themselves or to a third personn.

As part of this historic automobile reenactment event, period clothing in accordance with the vehicle’s production date is requested for anyone who participate .

The Organizers has the right to accept or refuse entry to any person – even with a pass or ticket – not observing the event rules.

Only sports vehicles or similar vehicles from the first half of the 20th century (between 1920 and 1945/50) will be admitted to the road tests.

The number of participants is limited. The organizer reserves the right to refuse a request to participate in the race, without having to provide an explanation.

IMPORTANT: As soon as we receive your completed form, we will get back to you to validate your registration by email or by mailpost in order to send you an invoice and the terms of payment (by check or bank transfer.)

If your vehicle does not fully match with the event constraints, we will suggest you to exhibit it in a static area.

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Wording payable to:  Association Bataille d’un Jour” 

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